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'Birth' zine (2020)

'Birth' zine (PDF available here) – edited and published by SOURPRESS  – is the first virus-wipeable and laminated zine by artistic duo Diogo Duarte and Jessica Mitchell.

As an object made for sharing, not selling, it is a single edition zine that is international, always travelling and always looking for new places to be read and enjoyed. 


Born in a time of sterility and out of its creators' long term collaboration and friendship, ‘Birth’ dwells on creation and destruction and attempts to create meaning when perhaps there is none? It is an experiment in anti-materialism as much as it is an opportunity to spin an ephemeral web of meaning making.  


If you are a bookshop, art gallery or community venue with an interest in hosting or displaying our baby get in touch with us at @ddimagemaker or @jessicamitchellfrombrooklyn on Insta. To see whether our zine is on display at a venue near you, please check the 'Exhibitions' section of my website.

The 'Birth' zine is part of a wider body of work by both authors entitled 'Origin'.

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